Jessy Park, Jong Cheol

Jessy Park, Jong CheolGeneral Manager (Asia)


Jessy Park is Korea’s sole domestic exclusive casino and has been chairman of the private shareholders’ council of Kangwon Land Casino Inc., which has annual sales of $1 billion, for 16 years, and has been a director of Kangwon Land Casino for 9 years.

He was the IPO of Sanga Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Yangwoo Chemical Co., Ltd. and was the CEO of Hong Kong PM Co., Ltd. and is currently the CEO of EMDSKOREA Co., Ltd., which produces digital advertising products in Seoul, Korea.

He is also the CEO of AC Korea Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Korea established for its Asian business in Active Collider Inc., the U.S., which holds international patents for credit card payment systems using cryptocurrency.

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